3D Road Signs Pack PRO is now RELEASED!!

3D Road Signs Pack PRO

If you wanna give directions to the players driving on the virtual roads of your games, look no further!! Here are 45 Premium Road and Street Signs 3D Models for use in your games along with 5 Stabilizer Weights to give them even more sturdiness. All the Road and Street Signs 3D Models are made of PBR Textures and are optimized for all kinds of games, all while keeping in mind the ease of use for the end-user. 

In the asset pack, you get 45 Premium Road Signs 3D Models, 5 Weights, and 1 Pole. The textures are divided into 5 Materials for Poles & Weights, Informative Signs🅿, Regulatory Signs🚫, More Regulatory Signs🚫, and Warning Signs⚠.

Included Signs-

  • Round About
  • Y-Intersection
  • T-Junction
  • 2-Way-Traffic
  • Left Bend
  • Right Bend
  • Narrow Road
  • Road Right
  • Road Left
  • Rail Road
  • School Ahead
  • Humps Ahead
  • Left U-Turn
  • Right U-Turn
  • Yeild
  • Parking
  • Hospital
  • Gasoline
  • Telephone
  • Restaurant
  • Airport
  • Bus Station
  • Train Station
  • Marina
  • Stop
  • No Parking
  • No Entry
  • No Car
  • No Left Turn
  • No RIght Turn
  • No U-Turn
  • No Horn Zone
  • Width Limit
  • Height Limit
  • Load Limit
  • Max Speed
  • Min Speed
  • Turn Left
  • Turn Right
  • Turn Left Ahead
  • Turn Right Ahead
  • Keep Left
  • Keep Right
  • No Stopping
  • No Overtaking

Included Items -

  • PBR Textured Blender File for the Asset
  • FBX Model
  • PBR Textures for PBR MetallicRoughness, UE4 (Packed), Unity HDRP, and Unity URP

Technical Details - 

  • 2,123 Polygons*, 5,338 Tris*
  • 2,787 Vertices*
  • Formats available - FBX, .Blend
  • UV Mapped
  • Optimized UVs
  • PBR Textures
  • 512px, 1024px, 2048px, and 4096px Texture sizes available for all the exports

*For all 51 Assets Cumulatively.

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**Thumbnail Background Image Credit - Photo by Deva Darshan from Pexels


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Apr 01, 2021
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Apr 01, 2021

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