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Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

I used your music again in my game.....

Exotic Fruity Match

Thanks again for such great music :)

Glad to hear that! Thanks for using it!


Is this available for commercially-sold games, too?

Yes, you can use it both for personal and commercial projects. However, please check the license file included in the pack for better clarity of the use case.

Amazing tracks! Used it in my game Santa's Village Builder, your music adds do much light-heartedness to the game!

Thanks a lot for using our Asset Pack!! Glad to be of help 😇

Hi, I'm using part of this pack in my short game.

Sounds great! Thank you so much for using our assets!

Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

I used your music in my game.....

Funny Doggie

Thank you so much for such great music :)

That's awesome! We really hope the music added value to our game.