Free Computer Ports Kitbash Set is now Released!!

Computer Ports are one of the most basic components while making 3D Computer assets. We made 12 of the most crucial computer ports for kitbashing into your 3D modeling process expediting the conception and creation time.

Computer Ports Included -

  • Audio AUX Port
  • Component Video Port
  • Ethernet Port
  • HDMI Port
  • Parallel Port
  • Power Input
  • PS/2 Port
  • Serial Port
  • USB 3.0
  • USB Type C Port
  • USB Type A Port
  • VGA Port

P.S. These models are meant for Kitbashing and are not optimized for games and are just base meshes without textures. You can use them to iterate on ideas before optimizing them for the final model for your game.


Computer Ports Kitbash Set.fbx 1 MB
May 30, 2022
Free Computer Ports Kitbash Set License.pdf 12 MB
May 30, 2022

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