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do i have to give you credits if i use this?


Firstly thanks a lot for choosing our Music Pack, hope it helps you with your Game Development Journey. About the attribution, crediting us isn't mandatory if you are using our asset packs but we'd be extremely happy if you consider doing so. Have an amazing day and hope our products are of help. 😇

VOiD1 Gaming Team

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Great Audio Pack :D

I'm using one track for a Snake game, with a new Twist, i made.

If you want you can check it out:

So thank you very much^^

That's great! Thanks for using the asset pack, hope it helps!

We would love to check your game out. 

Thank you so much void1 im using your audio for my Thesis Game  currently making AR covid games  :D so happy to hear your music.

That sounds great! We're glad that we could help.

Thanks for using our assets! Please share the game link so that we can play it too. 

It's an .Apk file :D


Hi Void1Gaming its me again i have decide to put your Credit on my research Paper and going to publish it Thanks for the asset :D

It's awesome! Highly appreciate your efforts! Thanks a lot! Don't miss out to send your DOI or else the link to your paper.


Thanks so much this pack is great!

Glad you liked it....Have a great day😇

can i use this for commercial use?


Yes, for can find the detailed information in the license file provided as well....Thanks for choosing our asset pack😇