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Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

I used your music in my game.....

Air Flying WW1

Thank you so much for such great music :)

Thanks for using our asset pack....Glad you liked it!! We'll definitely give your game a try and leave a review soon....Have fun developing new games😇

Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

No need to try my game yet, I am adding something new to the game, I will release an update soon, then you can play my game 😇

Okay surely, just let us know when it's live to rock.

I wanted to ask you: which operating system is more convenient for you to play with? .....

Windows x64 bit

Mac OS x64 bit

Linux x64 bit

And immediately the question: which operating system, in your opinion, is more popular for games? .....

Mac OS x64 bit or Linux x64 bit

Although we have both Windows and Mac, we would rather prefer to play in Windows as it's more convenient and powerful.

thx imma use it for my game 

Thanks a lot...Glad you liked it....😇