New MONOTONE+ Pro Pack is released

MONOTONE+ Pro Pack, the successor to the MONOTONE | Audio Assets free pack, is now available.

MONOTONE+ Pro Pack is a collection of 35 Moody Background scores for the games with an ambiance of mystery and awe. The music gives a Black and White vibe with a unique ambiance for your unique games. The Pack also contains the free audio assets of MONOTONE | Audio Assets including the new MONOTONE+.

The asset has been made with the utmost care towards Game Development for proper and easy integration in your games. MONOTONE+ Pro Pack contains high-quality WAV files for optimal quality of sounds.

🔊MONOTONE+ Pro Pack is geared towards the Game Development Workflow🔊

For a sample of the songs visit VOiD1 Gaming Website.

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MONTONE+ Pro Pack.rar 529 MB
Apr 28, 2020

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