Scanned Fabric PBR Materials PRO is now Released!!

Scanned Fabric PBR Materials PRO

The Full collection of the "Free Scanned Fabric PBR Materials" is now released with a total of 11 Fabric Materials along with their SBSAR Files for more freedom of Tweaking in the Substance Suite. All of the textures are fully tileable and, being scanned from real-life sources, provide extreme unparalleled photorealism!!

List of Materials Provided - 

  • Athletic Knit Fabric 1
  • Athletic Knit Fabric 1 - Blue
  • Athletic Knit Fabric 2
  • Faded Denim - Blue Gray
  • Faded Denim - Black
  • Faded Denim - Blue
  • Ribbed Sportswear - Aqua Green
  • Ribbed Sportswear - Dark Gray
  • Ribbed Sportswear - Gray
  • Ribbed Frayed Wool
  • Synthetic Wool Weave

Have fun making your In-Game Character even more fashionable!!


Scanned Fabric PBR Materials 2 GB
Jan 16, 2022
Scanned Fabric PBR Materials PRO License.pdf 12 MB
Jan 16, 2022

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