Stylized Smart Materials Collection PRO is now Released!!

Stylized Smart Materials Collection PRO

Texturing Stylized Game Assets in Substance Painter?? Here are 36 Premium Stylized Smart Materials to expedite your 3D Asset Creation. Each of the assets is easily tweakable and is simple yet elegant to use. Just Drag and Drop for it to take effect and tweak any parameters for more control.

IMPORTANT - Works Only with Substance Painter. The Smart Materials are made with workflow relating to BaseColor Only. All the Lighting Information is Baked in. So work only with the Base Color Channel for the Intended Effect.

The Materials in this Stylized Smart Material Collection PRO are -

  1. Light Complexion Skin
  2. Light Complexion Skin With Freckles
  3. Light Complexion Skin With Beard
  4. Medium Complexion Skin
  5. Medium Complexion Skin With Freckles
  6. Medium Complexion Skin With Beard
  7. Dark Complexion Skin
  8. Dark Complexion Skin With Freckles
  9. Dark Complexion Skin With Beard
  10. Rusted Iron
  11. Oxidized Bronze
  12. Oxidized Sandblasted Aluminium
  13. Ocean Water
  14. Lava
  15. Damascus Steel
  16. Red Bricks
  17. Flyash Bricks
  18. Red Bricks With Moss
  19. Plastic Cyan
  20. Plastic Aqua Green
  21. Plastic Crimson
  22. Wood Maple
  23. Wood Walnut
  24. Wood Mahogany
  25. Metal Iron
  26. Metal Bronze
  27. Metal Gold
  28. Royal Metallic Blue
  29. Royal Metallic Red
  30. Royal Metallic Aqua
  31. Brushed Aluminium
  32. Sand Blasted Aluminium
  33. Galvanized Aluminium
  34. Smooth Black Rubber
  35. Bumpy Black Rubber
  36. Dirty Black Rubber

18 files Included from the Free Stylized Smart Material Collection 1 and Stylized Smart Material Collection 2.

Instructions for use are included in the Zip file. 


Stylized Smart Materials Collection 657 MB
Aug 02, 2021
Stylized Smart Material Collection PRO License.pdf 12 MB
Aug 02, 2021

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