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Free Horror Music Pack

Falling short of Creepy Music for your Horror Games?? Need more Spooky Music to add that ominous atmosphere when your Ghost Anti-Hero makes its presence?? We bring you the Free Horror Music Pack for adding just the right amount of Scary Music to your Games. Get 20 Royalty Free Background Music Tracks that are well-curated for the Game Development Workflow with loopable tracks with high fidelity audio formats. The free music range from both serious to funky for all kinds of Horror Games to get you up and running with all kinds of Projects.

All the Tracks from this Free Horror Music Pack can also be used as audio for your Videos or Trailers so have fun using them for those purposes as well!!

Want to hear the Samples?? Head Over to VOiD1 Gaming website now!!

Thumbnail Image Credits - Photo by Oskar Smethurst from Pexels

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gods bless you<3


Glad we could be of help....Have a great day!!😇


Hello VOiD1 Gaming,

Love your music! I would like to use it as background music in a YouTube video that's not related to a game. Would this be OK?

Hello Indrini,

Hope you're having a great day! It's absolutely fine to use our music packs in projects other than games. The Music assets are catered towards Game Development, however there are no restrictions as to where you may use them. So yeah, using them as the Background Music in your YouTube videos is not at all restricted.

Redistribution of the music files is not permitted though, you may go through the included license for more details.

Have a great time with your YouTube endeavor, glad we could be of help!!


Hello VOiD1 Gaming,

I'm having a great day thanks, hope you are too! 

That's great news. Thanks very much, looking forward to using your music in my video.

Sounds great! Do share your video when done; we would love to check that out!


Thanks for the fab music. Here's a link to the video if you fancy checking it out: https://youtu.be/pMnTK7uRVV8

The story portrayed is indeed great! Keep up the good work!


Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

My game has been released... P.S. In the menu (info) I mentioned that I used your music in my game.

Thanks a lot for such great music https://mad290.itch.io/wolfs-mouth

That's great! We would love to check your game.

Wolf's Mouth by Mad290 (itch.io)

Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

My game has been released...

Finder of Evil

P.S. In the menu (info) I mentioned that I used your music in my game.

Thanks a lot for such great music :)

Hey Statewold,

Thanks for using our asset. We hope that it helped you.

Also, thanks for the mention!

Hello, I have used your assets in my game, Bildungsroman: Murders in the Sanatorium! Please go check it out! I also have attributed you in the downloadable text file.

That sounds great! Thanks for using our assets in your game, hope it added value to your game, we would love to check out the project.

Hello Friend, We Want to Use the Music in Our Game


Glad to hear that, yes, you can use this music for both personal and commercial projects. You can have a look at the license file for a piece of detailed information. The license file can be found during the download of the asset or else you can also find it inside the Asset folder downloaded.

Also, we would love to check out your game once completed, so, if you wish, you can share your game link. 

Hello VOiD1 Gaming!

I used your music in my game.....


Thank you so much for such great music :)

Glad to be of help!! Thanks for choosing our Music, we will certainly give your game a look😇