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Want to add the Chill and Lo-Fi Vibe to your games?? We've got you covered with "Lo-Fi Music Pack". The Pack contains 20 FREE Loopable and Premium songs to enhance your game feel and take it one step closer to perfection. 

All the assets are curated for Game Development and are polished to provide the best auditory experience. License details are included in the asset zip also for ease of access.

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Lo-Fi Music PRO Now Available!!

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Hi! Sorry for the late notice but our team used Silence of Baba Yaga as a bgm in our short game demo called Little Things for a game jam entry.

Thank you very much, couldn't have done it without your wonderful music! :)


That's great! Thanks for using our assets and appreciating the content! All the best guys!


I have just used Piano beside the Firewood in the Lost Relic Games - game jam. https://life-lich.itch.io/connecting-with-dominos

Thank you very much, this really saved me. I have always done everything myself, but I wasn't able to create any music that sounds good this time and this is thousand times better than any music that I have ever created.


That sounds great! We would love to check your game out!

Thanks a lot for using the asset pack; we're glad it helped you. We know the struggle and pain of creating everything from scratch and building a complete game. Just to cut out some heavier tasks from the shoulders of indie game devs, we have started this journey of making Free and Premium assets for all game developers to help them make the best game possible without doing everything alone. It seems like the mission is worthful now; with support from all of you, we hope to continue this service till the last! 

I used some of your soundtracks fo this gamejam entry => https://lauralaureus.itch.io/my-cozy-place

Thank you so much for your effort.

Thanks for using the asset! We are really glad that it helped you to make your project great!


I've used some of your music titles for my game Adarin Farm:


Very nice indeed!



Thanks for using our Music Pack!! Glad you loved it. 😇....We'll surely give your Game a look. Have fun developing games!!


Love this music so much, can I use it as a background music for my videos?

Glad you liked it, Yes, Surely you can use it anywhere you want.


Hello! Its me again! I was very moved from the positive feedback from others! I made another small game and was hoping if you guys can play! Thanks!

Link: https://2-bit-determine.itch.io/ganbaru

That's great! We would definitely check this out. 

Hello! Firstly, the music is incredible! I used in my small platformer game I created as my Christmas gift for my friends! I would love for you guys to play it!

Link:  https://2-bit-determine.itch.io/sun-guardians


Thank you so much, we're really glad that you liked it!

We Would Love to check your game out. 

Awesome! I would love to hear any feedback!