One Dash is now getting a full overhaul!!!!

One Dash was originally made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019..... Because of appreciation it got from the community we are going to release a full feature packed version of One Dash soon.... The original GMTK Game Jam version will be retained for players to enjoy the original game which was developed in just 48 hours..... It has been a great experience making One Dash and now time has come to make One Dash into a fully fledged game with more interactive gameplay and amazing new skins to suit your Style....

Follow void1gaming for more news on One Dash if you'd like to hear more about the project developments and releases.... Until the final release feel free to try out the original 48 hour build of One Dash.... the original GMTK Game Jam edition and stay tuned for the brand new release if you like the gameplay....


ONE DASH x86 Windows 16 MB
Aug 04, 2019
ONE DASH x86 64 Windows 19 MB
Aug 04, 2019
ONE DASH WEBGL Play in browser
Aug 04, 2019


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