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Add soft blurs to your scenes with Unity BLUR Shader. This easy to use standard gauss blur shader creates a smooth and performance-optimized real-time blur and has an easy drag and drop workflow. The shader works with both 2D and 3D scenes making it versatile for all kinds of uses.


  • Easy to use, Drag and Drop workflow
  • Easy to use controls
  • Works on both 2D and 3D Projects
  • Optimized for performance - Great for mobile games

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Well Made, 100% going to use this in my future games. Thank you.


That sounds really great! You are always welcome.

I think you would be really good at making shaders, You do really good materials so why not try doing shaders by them self?


Yeah, we have started making shaders and we do have a good collection of the shader already uploaded and in the pipeline as well that is to upload ahead of time. 


This looks poweful! Thank you for sharing!


You are always welcome! Glad you liked it. 


Can this work on a single sprite as well?


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Original Comment:

Can I just attach this to a gameObject and it will automatically blur?


So I tried putting it as a component to the gameObject with SpriteRenderer, it didn't make it blurry, instead it added a Camera Component. I change the z-value of the gameObject for the camera and it made the other sprites blurry, but not itself, as I expected.

Anyway, I'll try to tinker this shader a little bit and learn from it. Thanks for the shader!


This would not work directly dropping it into a Sprite Material as it's mainly a Camera Effect. To make your Sprite or UI blurry you need to use the proper camera setup with layers. The secondary Camera would focus on rendering the UI only where the Blur Script goes on but the Primary Camera would be responsible to render everything else. Therefore, as this shader is mostly a Camera Effect it requires a proper Camera setup to work nicely.