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//BRIEFING [Proceed with CAUTION]


The Patient’s condition has been detriorating since the Ventilators were attached and the temperatures have been surging erratically. The routine Checks have found a new mutation in the Virus which can attach to silver paricles and can transport itself in the patient’s blood stream.

The new silver compound breakthrough in the NanoBots research is a promising candidate for the siphoning of the Viral Particles to the quarantine points in the blood stream where the Immune System could neutralize them without triggering any Cytokine Storm in the Body. We can also isolate the inflammation to the quarantine points lowering the risk to the patient.

There is one Caveat though, unfortunately. The NanoBots are extremely erratic and only a minor percentage of them are directly maneuvarable. Since they are injected in a serum the other NanoBots tend to randomly attract and repel the Viral Particles making it challenging to direct all of them. Try to prevent the scattering of the particles due to the rogue NanoBots to a minimal level and maintain a success rate of 70% for avoiding any complications.



The controls are simple. Guide the Viral Particles through the plasma with the Cursor Point acting as the virtual interface between you and the NanoBot. Increase infulence and strength by Pressing space to release more silver compounds if things get out of hand but be careful as too much silver compounds emanting from the NanoBot can destabilize it and jeopardize the proceedure.



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Hey guys. I played your new game. At first, it was difficult to get what exactly to do. However, I figured out later. I finished it, and I made a video of how I did it. It is here:

I hope you like it.


We checked your stream and we loved to watch you figure out the way to the ending. As the current game was made prior to the GMTK Game Jam theme "Out of Control",  we were given a time frame of 48 hours. So, we tried our best to accumulate everything that is possible during the Game Jam.